Internship Program

Internship and Scholarship Program  


Learn on the job in one of the most spectacular and wild settings in the lower 48 states. Interns help HFF accomplish a large amount of field work in the world-renowned wild trout fisheries of the Henry’s Fork watershed, just minutes away from Yellowstone National Park and a short drive from Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole. 

Interns work throughout the watershed—including the legendary fly fishing area of Harriman State Park—on essential research, restoration, and education projects. Interns electrofish and check fish traps to gather fisheries data, survey streams, protect riparian areas by maintaining cattle fences, help with habitat restoration projects, engage in environmental education, and document their experiences through the HFF Intern Blog.

All of HFF’s university internships are funded through generous contributions from individual donors and are tied to specific universities. HFF hosts interns from Virginia’s Washington and Lee University, New York’s Colgate University and St. Lawrence University, and California’s Stanford University. In addition, the Don. C. Byers Memorial Scholarship funds an internship for a high school or college student from our local watershed. Watch this page for information about the 2017 interns.



Available Internships  


2021 Internships

*Please note: All of HFF's university internships are funded through generous contributions from individual donors and are tied to specific universities or regions.

Agriculture and Irrigation Internship

Colgate University Internship

Washington and Lee Internship

St. Lawrence Intership

Stanford Internship

Don C. Byers Internship

Meet Our 2020 Interns  

Olivia Krogermeier (Colgate University): I am a rising junior at Colgate University where I am majoring in Geography and minoring in Architecture. This summer I will be the South Fork Social Science Intern working alongside Bryce Oldemeyer and assisting in creating, distributing, and analyzing the data from a social science survey on the South Fork of the Snake River. I was interested in this internship because I wanted to learn how a nonprofit organization, on a limited budget, can create, execute, and achieve successful long-term goals in water management. I appreciate the opportunity that HFF has given me and I look forward to seeing the Snake River and Idaho in person one day!

London Bernier (St. Lawrence University): I recently graduated from St. Lawrence University where I studied environmental studies and statistics. I will be working closely with Christina Morrisett as the Stream Channel Habitat and Hydrology Intern to better understand how aquatic habitat in the lower Henry’s Fork changes with streamflow. This position is a unique opportunity to combine my interests in conservation, outdoor recreation, nonprofits, and data analytics; it is my hope that working with such a dynamic organization and team will help me investigate the passions I might pursue in the future. While we cannot be on site this summer to explore the diverse landscape that surrounds Henry’s Fork, I am excited for many local fly-fishing trips and exploring my home state of Maine. In my free time, I enjoy running, yoga, and beekeeping. I am extremely excited and grateful for this opportunity and look forward to joining the HFF team.

AJ Mabaka (Washington and Lee University)I am a rising junior at Washington and Lee University where I am majoring in Environmental Studies. I will be working alongside PhD candidate Jack McLaren, researching how fish habitat in the upper Henry’s Fork changes with the growth of submerged aquatic vegetation. I have always had an interest in ecology, conservation, and particularly fish as I deeply enjoy the outdoors and recreational activities such as fishing. Thus, the position I am fortunate enough to have been granted at the Henry's Fork Foundation will be a phenomenal opportunity to participate in meaningful, informative, and unique research. Although our internship has made a transition to online given the current global pandemic, I am nonetheless enthusiastic and grateful to be able to participate in, learn from, and work for such an amazing program this summer! 


Zack Boyd (Stanford University): I am a rising senior at Stanford University majoring in Earth Systems, and I’m also enrolled in the Environmental Communication Master of the Arts program for this coming fall.  I’m passionate about folk music, writing, and dogs; usually, you can find me playing guitar or hiking with my two puppies. Throughout the summer, I will be designing content for Henry's Fork Foundation's social media and newsletters, and creating a catalog of the Foundation's previous projects.


Margaret Ruebush (BYU-Idaho University): I am a recent high school graduate and will be studying Environmental Biology at BYU-I starting this winter. My interest in the environment was sparked when participating in an Environmental and Natural Resource competition with the FFA and I’m very excited about this opportunity to learn more as I work with the Foundation. I’m particularly excited to work with Matt Hivley, the Aquatic Resource Coordinator, examining the role macrophytes play in the productivity of the river. I love being in the outdoors, and enjoy hiking, camping, and backpacking. 


Jon Bender (Walla Walla Community College):  I am a student at Walla Walla Community College pursuing dual degrees in Irrigation Management and Energy Systems Technology (with a focus in Precision Agriculture). I have always had a passion for water, wildlife and natural resources. I grew up in rural Colorado where my love for the outdoors began, and then moved to Washington to a place called Walla Walla (“many waters” in the local Cayuse language). I will be working alongside Bryce Contor for my project where I will be monitoring plant populations, soil moisture, water infiltration rates, and rain gauges. I am eager to experience how other communities and organizations are managing their watershed and utilizing best irrigation practices for agriculture and streamflow. I look forward to exploring the Gem State and learning from the HFF team.

Summer Seminar Series  

Beginning in 2018, the Henry’s Fork Foundation began a Summer Seminar Series where weekly presentations showcase the latest scientific, technological, and socioeconomic work being done by guest speakers from across the country as well as HFF interns and collaborators. This 9 week-long series enhances intern, community and HFF members experience, engagement, and understanding of various scientific topics. The final two weeks of the seminar series are reserved for intern presentations on the independent projects they complete throughout their time spent working for HFF.  Check out the Intern Summer Seminars.

Intern Blog  

Follow the interns online as they blog about their experiences.