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Internship and Scholarship Program  


Learn on the job in one of the most spectacular and wild settings in the lower 48 states. Interns help HFF accomplish a large amount of field work in the world-renowned wild trout fisheries of the Henry’s Fork watershed, just minutes away from Yellowstone National Park and a short drive from Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole. 

Interns work throughout the watershed—including the legendary fly fishing area of Harriman State Park—on essential research, restoration, and education projects. Interns electrofish and check fish traps to gather fisheries data, survey streams, protect riparian areas by maintaining cattle fences, help with habitat restoration projects, engage in environmental education, and document their experiences through the HFF Intern Blog.

All of HFF’s university internships are funded through generous contributions from individual donors and are tied to specific universities. HFF hosts interns from Virginia’s Washington and Lee University, New York’s Colgate University and St. Lawrence University, and California’s Stanford University. In addition, the Don. C. Byers Memorial Scholarship funds an internship for a high school or college student from our local watershed. Watch this page for information about the 2017 interns.



Available Internships  


2020 Internships

*Please note: All of HFF's university internships are funded through generous contributions from individual donors and are tied to specific universities or regions.

Agriculture and Irrigation Internship

Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Internship

Colgate University Internship

Stanford University Internship

St. Lawrence University Internship

Washington and Lee University Internship

Meet Our 2019 Interns  

Ashly Loibman (Colgate University): I am a student at Colgate University and I double major in Environmental Studies and Religion. I'll be working alongside Christina Morrisett, a PHD student, on the Lower Henry's Fork. We'll be investigating the minimum target streamflow needed to benefit both trout habitat and the irrigation needs of the area. I was intrigued by the role that HFF plays as an intermediary between various stakeholders of the river and their history of community involvement. I'm excited to do fieldwork that will hopefully have a practical and positive impact on Henry's Fork. I'm from Nassau, Bahamas so I've been privileged enough to enjoy the ocean for most of my life. So, I'm thoroughly excited to go hiking and explore the natural beauty that is so unique to this part of the country. I'm so appreciative of this opportunity and I can't wait to see what this summer has to offer!  

Natalie Pontikes (St. Lawrence University): I am a rising senior at St. Lawrence University where I study Environmental Studies and English. I will be participating in Henry’s Fork Foundation’s media and communications internship program, working closely with Jamie Laatsch. I am thrilled to be photographing various locations within the Henry’s Fork watershed this summer. I felt an immediate connection to HFF upon discovering the internship due to my love of trout, fly fishing, and the Tetons; this summer I will have the chance to merge my passion for the arts and environmental science. I am overwhelmed by the countless opportunities for adventure I will have on my time off, but my goal is to trail run and, of course, fish as much as possible in the coming weeks. I feel enormous gratitude for the chance I have been given to work with HFF, and I am so excited to be a part of the team this summer.

Bella Fucigna (Washington and Lee University)I am a student at Washington and Lee University studying biology and environmental studies. I’ll be working alongside doctoral researcher Jack McLaren to study the ecology and role of aquatic macrophytes in the transfer of nutrients, and providing essential habitat for trout. I’ve always been interested in learning the scientific explanations about how the world works, and this position at HFF was the perfect opportunity to work for a cause I’m passionate about while also gaining valuable experience. I love to camp, backpack, swim and do just about anything outdoors, so I’m very excited to explore this amazing area with every chance I get. I’m very thankful for this opportunity and the people who make it possible, and I cannot wait for the adventures to come!


Ilinca Popescu (Stanford University): I am a rising sophomore at Stanford University hoping to follow the Earth Systems Land Management track with an emphasis in conservation. This summer, I will be monitoring water quality associated with bridge construction, installing remote-transmission hardware at our existing water-quality recording stations, and conducting surveys of recreational use on sections of the river. I think it’s really important to focus on both the scientific and social aspects of water resource management, especially in rural areas, and I’m glad Henry Fork’s emphasizes their attention to the community as much as the river and fish. I love hanging out at the local rock wall and crag, moshing at local punk shows, and planning my next outdoor adventure with friends. I’m so grateful to be here, and hope to contribute towards the foundation’s studies on water quality and social impacts, and am looking forward to picking up fly fishing on my days off. 


Amber Roseberry (BYU-Idaho University): My name is Amber Roseberry. I am a student at Brigham Young University Idaho and I have not decided on a major. This summer I will be working on the Water Quality Project. This involves gathering water samples, checking sondes, and giving the sondes the ability to remotely transfer data. I worked with the Forest Service one summer and decided I liked the outdoor conservation work and that brought me to Henry's Fork Foundation. A few of my hobbies include hunting, fishing, in video games. I am incredibly grateful and excited to have the opportunity to work for Henry's Fork Foundation this summer. 


Caryn Dawson (Iowa State University):  I am a student at Iowa State University and I study Global Resource Systems and Horticulture with minors in Animal Science and Spanish.This summer I will be working on the farms and fish project. This entails monitoring fields enrolled in HFF's irrigation demand reduction program by collecting data in a field plot experiment to test the effectiveness of LESA irrigation technology and measuring groundwater levels and stream flows. I was drawn to this internship because I am interested in the relationship between natural resources and agriculture and how we can create more sustainable and efficient systems to benefit both. I love to learn new languages and hope to utilize this passion and skill to help people in agriculture globally. I am excited to explore the Tetons this summer and do some camping. I have always loved the mountains and am continually awestruck by their beauty. I am looking forward to all that I will learn this summer from the HFF staff and my fellow interns as well as applying my knowledge to future endeavors.

Intern Blog  

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