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A day in the life of the Henry’s Fork - river flows and collaboration June 2015

Occasionally, I am asked what I do at the Henry’s Fork Foundation or what does the Foundation accomplish? The following synopsis of a day (OK, maybe two days plus) on the Henry’s Fork should give our members and the local community a little more insight to the daily work of HFF.

Plans beginning to take shape for future work on Harriman Canal and angler trails along the Henry's Fork

Plastic dams holding the Harriman Canal together November 2014

With the opening of the Ranch this week, it was time to get out a little bit of information about future projects that will enhance the experience of visitors to this hallowed water and protect the Henry's Fork and its wild trout.

Harriman Canal Project Overview


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We need volunteers to help us clean our Adopt-A-Highway section of U.S. 20 in Island Park. We plan to meet Friday, May 22, at 10 a.m. at Elk Creek Station.We will have the necessary vests, trash bags, and safety signs. Please be sure to dress warm and bring gloves and a hat. We will also have bottled water on hand for our volunteers, and we'll spring for pizza afterward.

Thanks to our donors!

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Idaho Gives top 15
Del Rio access site

You did it! 102 of you donated $35,658.44 to the Henry's Fork Foundation during Idaho Gives on Thursday, putting us at No. 1 in total collections among all the charities! We are pleased to announce Eric Pauly won the Hyde Drift Boat so generously donated by LaMoyne Hyde and crew at Hyde Drift Boats in Idaho Falls. We can't thank you all enough for your generous support during this Idaho day of giving.


Idaho Fish and Game will be electrofishing on two stretches of the Henry's Fork over the next two weeks. They will be electrofishing the Vernon-to-Chester stretch on May 6, 7, and 14, and Box Canyon on May 11, 12, and 18.  All dates are pretty firm barring any unforeseen equipment issues or weather conditions (e.g. lightning). 

Jon Flinders
Regional Fisheries Biologist
Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Monitoring Juvenile Trout Numbers in Fish Creek (Harriman East)

Photo of five people electrofishing in Fish Creek.
Photo of three people electrofishing in Fish Creek.
Photo of juvenile rainbow trout being measured.

Personnel from the Henry’s Fork Foundation (HFF), U.S. Forest Service (USFS), and Brigham Young University-Idaho (BYUI) conducted an estimate of juvenile trout abundance in Fish Creek on April 15-16, as part of a long-term restoration and monitoring effort. How did our 2015 numbers compare with those in 2011, prior to major restoration of the creek?

Spring of 2015 shaping up to be driest in last 35 years

April 1 is an important date in water management in the western U.S. because it is the typical date of maximum water content in the snowpack at most mountain locations. Based on yesterday's data, I predict that April-June streamflow in the Henry's Fork at Island Park this spring will be the lowest in the last 35 years and possibly the lowest since the extended drought of the 1930s. And that's no April fooling.

Business Partners of the Henry's Fork Foundation - Volume 1 of Many: Loop USA

Loop USA
Rochelle Hoffner and Loop USA on the Henry's Fork

Here at the Henry’s Fork Foundation we are fortunate to have many generous donors. We are also fortunate to have business partners that donate in conventional and unconventional ways to help us expand our fundraising efforts and accomplish more projects to benefit the river. While I am may not keep the clockwork schedule Rob Van Kirk does with his Friday blogs, I am going to attempt to write recognition pieces a couple of times per month.


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