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Follow Up to Fall-Winter River Flows and Drought Management Planning Update

On September 19, we posted information on fall and winter management of Island Park Reservoir indicating that outflow out of Island Park Reservoir would be gradually reduced to about 60 cfs by mid-October to allow mid-winter outflows of about 120 cfs (

Current Henry’s Fork Water Update

As the current water year has developed, it has become even more obvious that the Henry’s Fork Basin is changing. Taking a look back, these past four years on the Henry’s Fork have been four of the driest consecutive years on record since the late 1930s and early 1940s. The Foundation has been sharing statistics on this trend for over 18 months. That is our current reality. It is also not as simple as conditions just being “dry”. The true measure meaningful to growing fish and irrigating crops is water yield into the river.

Wrap up from Chester turbine testing July 21st - 23rd

The flow test at the Chester hydroelectric plant was completed successfully last week, although high levels of aquatic vegetation moving through the system made for interesting work conditions at Chester and stressed the trash rake beyond its limit. Additionally, an issue with transmission lines also caused the Island Park Dam hydroelectric facility to trip off early on the morning of the 22nd. This caused a reduction in flow for about two hours, but fortunately the effect was greatly attenuated by the time dip reached Chester.

Flows increasing to accommodate turbine testing: Be careful out there

The Henry’s Fork Foundation was notified in mid-June about plans to release water from the Island Park Reservoir to provide extra flows for a turbine test at Chester Dam June 21-26. Through negotiations with Fall River Rural Electric and other entities, it was decided to delay the release and the testing until later in July to provide more notice for travelling anglers and to maintain the great June angling opportunities on the Henry’s Fork.

A day in the life of the Henry’s Fork - river flows and collaboration June 2015

Occasionally, I am asked what I do at the Henry’s Fork Foundation or what does the Foundation accomplish? The following synopsis of a day (OK, maybe two days plus) on the Henry’s Fork should give our members and the local community a little more insight to the daily work of HFF.

Plans beginning to take shape for future work on Harriman Canal and angler trails along the Henry's Fork

Plastic dams holding the Harriman Canal together November 2014

With the opening of the Ranch this week, it was time to get out a little bit of information about future projects that will enhance the experience of visitors to this hallowed water and protect the Henry's Fork and its wild trout.

Harriman Canal Project Overview

Business Partners of the Henry's Fork Foundation - Volume 1 of Many: Loop USA

Loop USA
Rochelle Hoffner and Loop USA on the Henry's Fork

Here at the Henry’s Fork Foundation we are fortunate to have many generous donors. We are also fortunate to have business partners that donate in conventional and unconventional ways to help us expand our fundraising efforts and accomplish more projects to benefit the river. While I am may not keep the clockwork schedule Rob Van Kirk does with his Friday blogs, I am going to attempt to write recognition pieces a couple of times per month.

HFF members travel the world to learn more about HFF and the Henry's Fork

Bill H. Jack
Gary G. Snook
Lee K. Bonefish
Tom D. Baracuda
Mike L. Bonefish
Relaxing at Pesca Maya
Dave L. with Brown at Lago Fonck
J.P. H. Rainbow
HFF group at Rio Manso

December 2014 and January 2015 found HFF Board Members, staff, and members traveling to Mexico and Argentina to make Henry’s Fork connections! These HFF hosted trips were months to years in the making and are the result of symbiotic relationships that HFF has developed with partners across the globe.


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