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Staff Update

More than 14 years ago, Joan Rice went to work for the Henry's Fork Foundation as a clerk. Over the years, her duties changed and she began keeping track of the finances of the growing non-profit. For the past several years, she has been an independent contractor, doing the Foundation's books and acting as human resources manager. Joan announced in November that she is retiring, and her last day on the job will be Dec. 31. You can't replace Joan. She is one of a kind, but we have hired a successor in time to allow Joan to provide some training before she leaves. Our new Finance and HR Manager  is Tim Maurer of Ashton. Tim will be starting out part-time through the end of 2014 to take advantage of training opportunities with Joan. He will start working 32 hours/week in January. Tim will be responsible for all of the duties traditionally assigned to Joan, and with Kennalee Howell leaving on a LDS mission this spring, also take on her role within the Foundation. Tim has been a valued asset as a volunteer at Henry’s Fork Day and other HFF events. He has also contracted with HFF to close out select RAC grants within the last two years. Tim brings project administration experience, attention to detail, and event management credentials to HFF after completing a career in the military and civilian service. While I am sad to have Joan depart, I am relieved and excited to be working with Tim to steward the HFF financial resources, interact with the HFF Finance Committee, and have him assist with our fundraising efforts.

HFF assists Caribou-Targhee National Forest and Harriman State Park

Fish Pond

In cooperation with the Caribou-Targhee National Forest and Harriman State Park, the Henry's Fork Foundation recently completed a project to improve access at Fish Pond and improve the function of the Fish Pond spillway. Utilizing funds from the Caribou-Targhee Resource Advisory Committee and expertise from the USFS and HFF staff (thanks to Brad Higginson, Bill Davis, and Jarrod Hansen), the project repaired the main access road, closed off small spur roads, and established a parking area with interpretive sign.

Foundation awarded Nonprofit Excellence Award

Thanks to the Idaho Nonprofit Center for choosing the Henry's Fork Foundation as one of six recipients for excellence awards this year. I was privileged to travel to Boise to represent the Foundation at the awards presentation, accompanied by Mick Mickelson, one of the founding directors of the Foundation.  Please click here for details about the award and the work we do.


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