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End-of-Season Research Update

This presentation was given on Wednesday, September 23rd at the Guides and Outfitters End-of-Season Gathering at Pond’s Lodge. HFF’s research and restoration team presented a large amount of data, and for those who were unable to make it, who want to dig in to the graphs a little more, or are just generally interested in what the Foundation has been working on in terms of analyzing water quantity and water quality, here is a link to the slides, in pdf format.

Summer Reflections

As the summer transitions into fall and I transition titles within the Foundation, I would like to share some of my summer highlights. My internship with the Henry’s Fork Foundation is one of my proudest achievements – not only because of the work I have contributed to, but also for the amazing opportunities I have had to explore the local landscape and engage with the local culture. Here is a glimpse into the fun the intern crew had outside of work this summer:


Spring 2015 vs. The Past

As the Environmental Modeling Intern, my time is split between field work and programming in R (a statistical computing language and software environment… think Excel but more powerful and with a lot more user driven direction). The first half of my summer has primarily consisted of using R to create graphs comparing the current water year to those of the past. When I was first given this task, my R skills were limited and the pressure was on.

Welcome to Idaho

Having grown up in rural Alaska and having just graduated, I was ready to leave the Silicon Valley suburbs behind and return to a place that felt a little more like home. Almost immediately, southeastern Idaho gave me that feeling. With a little over 1,000 residents, Ashton, Idaho is cozy. Agricultural fields stretching across rolling hills to the base of the Grand Tetons provide open space that is plentiful and welcoming. And then, of course, there is the Henry’s Fork – a river many claim as home to the best fly-fishing in the nation (if not the world).


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