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A Day in the Life of a Fish Surgeon: Tuesday, June 28, 2015

This past Tuesday, I left the usual duties of the gang of HFF and FTR field workers and joined Matt Hively (one of the FTR crew) to perform surgeries on fish caught in Bitch Creek. The day before, Mike Lien and Matt had gone spin and fly fishing along the river and caught five fish: a few hybrids and one rainbow trout. Overnight the fish hung out in a pair of livewells—PVC pipes with caps and holes punched into the sides—and tied to some rocks within the flow. That day we were wading to these spots in order to surgically place radio telemetry tags within the fish.

Fly fishing, Electrofishing, and More Fishing

Written in Late June

Now that all of the interns have arrived in Ashton, Idaho, the blogging can begin! I, Natalie, the Colgate intern, have been here for 5 weeks so far. Abi, the Ashton intern, has been working since April. Maya, the Washington and Lee intern, just finished her fourth week. Finally, Christina, the Stanford intern, has been here a week and a half.


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