Building Boxes and Friendships

Friday, August 9, 2019 - 2:14pm


Amber Roseberry

My name is Amber Roseberry and I am the Byers intern this summer. I graduated from North Fremont here in Ashton. I am continuing my schooling at BYU-I in Rexburg. I am very grateful for the opportunity I was given to work for the Henry’s Fork Foundation. I have always had a love for the outdoors whether it was hunting, fishing, or camping. This job sounded like the perfect mix of programming and going out in the field. I couldn’t wait to start working.

My summer started with Melissa, Kate, and Ilinca. Melissa came to teach us about the sondes and show us where they were located. Sondes are put in the river at different points to test turbidity, dissolved oxygen, temperature, conductivity, chlorophyll, and ph levels. We learned how to download the data to a laptop and clean the sondes.

After learning the basics we had the Henry’s Fork Day right around the corner. We helped set up the event, guide people to their seats, and clean up at the end. It was exciting to meet the donors and to learn about all the projects the foundation was working on. During the same time we were also able to learn some of the history of the Henry’s Fork Foundation. Although I have lived in Ashton for a while I had no idea what the foundation was for. I enjoyed listening to presentations and talking to coworkers to learn more and understand the goals the foundation is working towards.

This summer has gone by very quickly. I have helped with the recreational survey at Big Springs and with fixing fences but, my main project is Sonde Automation. We have eleven sondes in the river. These sondes collect data every fifteen minutes. About every two weeks we have to go to the sondes and collect the data before putting it on our water quality website. My job is to automate this process. I help program data loggers. The data loggers transfer the information to our office every two hours instead of waiting every two weeks. It can then be uploaded to the website in real time without the long delay. Although it seemed like a lot at first Kate, Ilinca and I were able to slowly work our way through the programming and wiring.

I also had to build a wood hutch to protect the data logger from the elements. It was a bit scary being given the task with a saw, measuring tape, drills, and wood. In the end it worked out great! We took a day and installed the hutch and data logger without too many problems. We had to find a spot to pound the t-posts in without it hitting the rock layer under the dirt. Once those were in the white data logger box and wood hutch were bolted on. We ran the cable from the data logger to the sonde and added a ground bolt for the ground wire.

So far we have only installed one but, we plan to have five more done before I end my internship. It was a lot of work for the first one, but I think it will get easier every time. I have been able to see plenty of wildlife while we traveled to our site and the office. I have had fun working here and hope that the rest of my internship will be the same.