Business Partners of the Henry's Fork Foundation - Volume 1 of Many: Loop USA

Loop USA
Rochelle Hoffner and Loop USA on the Henry's Fork

Here at the Henry’s Fork Foundation we are fortunate to have many generous donors. We are also fortunate to have business partners that donate in conventional and unconventional ways to help us expand our fundraising efforts and accomplish more projects to benefit the river. While I am may not keep the clockwork schedule Rob Van Kirk does with his Friday blogs, I am going to attempt to write recognition pieces a couple of times per month. These lodges, outfitters, finance managers, and fly fishing product companies that will be highlighted over the next year or so all assist the Henry’s Fork Foundation greatly and we treasure their partnership. We cannot say thank you enough! So here comes the first of many in no particular order…

New to the Henry’s Fork Foundation line-up of donors is Loop USA.  With the USA distribution and repair center located in Shelley, Idaho, Loop USA has quickly developed a loyal following in eastern Idaho. Local businessman and entrepreneur Shane Wootan has been the owner and general manager of AgParts since 2006. The success of that business with local flavor (potato machinery), allowed Shane to branch his business interests out in 2010 to his favorite pastime, fly fishing and a methodical approach to the business has allowed Shane to become the President of Loop USA. Additionally, smart use of social media through the My LOOP Story series ( has led Shane and his company to a place of prosperity in a relatively short time. The video series was the brain child of Marc Crapo (a.k.a. Von Beardly, The Von Beard Chronicles) another local Loop and Henry’s Fork junkie. A partnership with the Henry’s Fork Foundation was a natural fit for Loop since Shane considers the Henry’s Fork his home water. 

The company was founded in Sweden in 1979 by two young fly fishing enthusiasts Christer Sjoberg and Tony Karpestam. Today Loop designs, develops, and manages every manufacturing process of their gear themselves. All of their products designed and built to last and function in the world’s toughest conditions, and to last for season after season. The Henry’s Fork Foundation has added Loop rods and reels to its marketing package of premiums for new life members and additionally the sweet, new, redesigned Loop Evotec 4 reel is the premium for any $500 donation at HFF receptions. Loop is providing custom service to any Henry’s Fork Foundation donor through personal contact to determine the best possible rod, reel, and line setup based upon each individuals fishing preferences and casting styles. If you commit to a Henry’s Fork Foundation life membership, Gary Barnes at Loop USA will take the time to take care of you. Loop USA has been working closely with HFF Conservation Fund Director Brady Taylor on a package specially designed for HFF honoring United States war veterans. Watch for details about the new rod in future HFF publications and online. And for more information about Loop USA, check out their website at HFF is extremely pleased and thankful to have Loop on board!