Collecting South Fork Feedback

Monday, July 13, 2020 - 9:06am


Liv Krogermeier

Over the past two weeks I have been busy working with Bryce and Jamie to finish up the South Fork Snake River Angler Survey. This week the survey went out, and we are already obtaining great feedback! The South Fork Snake River Angler Survey aims to gather angler’s insights on river conditions and their experiences on the South Fork Snake River. Ultimately, the survey allows us to understand how anglers get their information about the river, their perceptions of the fishery and management of the watershed, what impacts angler’s fishing experience, as well as what their primary concerns are regarding the South Fork. The feedback we receive will aid the Henry's Fork Foundation - South Fork Initiative in choosing the best path forward based on our mutual goals and desired vision for the future of this river.

I have also been putting together a draft for the South Fork touch screen display which is meant to highlight and introduce the South Fork Initiative to anglers and others in the guide shop. The touch screen, for the most part, will highlight water quality monitoring, macroinvertebrate monitoring, restoration projects, collaboration, as well as the history of HFF and the HFF-SFI. A lot of my research for this project has consisted of reading information from HFF’s website and going through Bryce’s previous SFI powerpoints. 

When I am not working, I have been spending a lot of time with my family and going on hikes with my friends. My brother has moved back in from Long Island for the summer with plans to move into Manhattan. He has only added more noise, Zoom calls, and a remote desktop that zaps the wifi connection to our household. To say the least, I have absolutely loved having him stay with us. On a more exciting note, my family has successfully planned our annual summer trip despite the chaos going on. Can you guess where we’re going? Yes, you guessed it. The NY 1000 Islands!

A picture used for the South Fork Snake River Angler Survey
South Fork Snake River
We finally got my dog a life vest so he can swim with us at the Islands!