End of The Line

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 - 10:55am


Ashly Loibman

Reflecting on my experience throughout this summer, it’s amazing to think about how much I’ve learned about the Henry’s Fork and myself. My knowledge about hydrology has increased immensely and that’s because of the amazing staff that I was surrounded with, especially my amazing mentor, Christina. I admire the scientific work that’s done at this small, but mighty foundation. 

During my last few weeks, I was preparing for my intern presentation, which was a part of my experience that pushed me to communicate scientific data in a digestable and meaningful way. I practiced it a couple of times with Christina and she gave me constructive feedback that helped improve my delivery.


There were professors from Idaho State that visited, so that kind of upped the ante, but at the end of the day I reassured myself that I knew my material and could discuss it well. I thought that the presentation itself went well. I got a couple of questions from the audience that weren’t difficult to answer. I’d say that this process was definitely a learning experience in communicating science to a general audience. I’m glad that I did it because I feel like I’ve strengthened my scientific presentation skills.    

I’ve used my free time to get out and about in Idaho. The interns along with the PhD students recently climbed Mt. Borah, which is the tallest peak in Idaho. I’d been dreading it because of the reviews on its technical difficulty, especially on Chicken Out Ridge. However, I pushed through and did it! It was an amazing feeling, overcoming such a challenging mountain. It was a nice culmination at the end of a summer centered on testing my abilities mentally and physically. I was definitely sore for at least 3 days, but it was worth it in the end.  


This summer flew by so quickly that it’s hard to imagine leaving in a week. I’m so grateful that I was afforded this opportunity. I’ve loved learning about the Snake River and the beauty that surrounds it. It may be the end of the (fishing) line, but Idaho will always be a special place for me now.