Findings on the Buffalo

Monday, June 11, 2012 - 6:22pm


Kendra Sultzer

So the interns are starting to move in for work this summer, which I think we are all excited about!!  On the Buffalo River the other day, HFF counted and measured the number of fish in the outmigrant trap and fish ladder trap around the hydroelectric dam. Joining this process with Matt Cahoon and Anne Marie Emery for the first time were me, Kendra Sultzer, and another of Henry's Fork Foundation interns for the summer, Chase Douglas. Along with measuring and counting the number of fish, we encountered a few other species. Collecting the organic matter from the top of the screens leading to the outmigrant trap, we found a giant water bug, or Belostomatidae. We released it back into the river, but it didn't want to leave the pavement and clung to the edge. Watch the video below and keep following to read about more exciting experiences throughout the summer!