A First Trip to Yellowstone

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 - 12:05am


Sara Reese
While my family has spent time in this part of the country before, prior to last week my parents and I had never made the trip to explore Yellowstone.  My mom and dad were lucky enough to be able to travel from Virginia this summer to spend time with me here in Idaho, and we jumped on the opportunity of being so close to Yellowstone.  Driving up US 20 and entering through West Yellowstone, we knew we were in for a special Sunday - hardly anyone there, geysers glowing with bright colors, Old Faithful erupting, and spotting huge herds of elk and buffalo and a black bear crossing the river.  We loved it so much we returned again later last week to fish the Madison River, and my dad was lucky enough to catch a trout one of his first times ever fly fishing.  Yellowstone was a fantastic way to spend a few days with my parents, and those visits make me excited to come back to this area of the country and continue to explore the parts of Yellowstone we were unable to make it to.