Henry’s Fork Watershed Council Annual Field Tour

Cathy Koon's picture

The Henry's Fork Watershed Council annual field tour August 12, 2014, include stops at the Sheridan Creek Restoration Project on Green Canyon Road west of Island Park Reservoir, Island Park Dam, Box Canyon boat ramp, and Chester Dam. We started out with about 40 people, and added and lost a few throughout the day. I always learn a lot on these field trips, and this one was no exception. I am impressed with the work done by the Watershed Council and its co-facilitators, the Henry's Fork Foundation and the Fremont-Madison Irrigation District. Equally impressive is the expertise and knowledge of the people who participate in the tour as presenters and spectators. I will be posting the tour notes on the website as soon as they have been approved. Brandon is fishing in Alaska this week, but that is a topic for another blog.