Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

Henry’s Fork 06-13-16

Fishing Green Drakes on the Henry’s Fork has a been good. The best fishing with the Green Drakes has been from about 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m during a bright sunny day. Along with the drakes, there has been a good PMD spinner fall in the morning and in the evenings. On the lower Henry’s Fork, there has been a dead period between 2:00 p.m. to about 5:30ish during the hottest part of the day. Then, fishing has been good right at dark with caddis. Lastly, a friendly reminder that Harriman State Park, the Ranch, is open on Wednesday, June 15th.

Flies I would use:

Dry Flies: Rusty Biot Spinner size 16 & 18, CDC PMD Thorax Dun 18, Elk Hair Caddis Tan 14, Green Drake Wulff 10.

Nymphs: Bennett’s Rubber Leg Brown size 10, Psycho Prince size 16, Pheasant Tail size 16, Bead-Headed Crystal Pheasant Tail size 16 & 18.

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Henry’s Fork 6-11-16

The best action to date is on the lower river (Bear Gulch to Chester Dam) where caddisflies are out big time. They are accompanied in smaller numbers by yellow sallies. A few green and gray drakes and PMDs are making appearances with hatch peaks yet to come. Some adult golden stoneflies remain and cloudier afternoons will bring out BWOs. Midges are always present and ants and beetles fall into shoreline waters. So for the fish conditions are like having an aqueous Chuckarama where the choice of what to eat is up to them. For the fly-fisher this means figuring out what fish are taking at a given time!

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Henry’s Fork 6-9-16

The Henry’s Fork has Green Drakes on it from Warm River to Fun Farm bridge, and the fish are starting to eat them. Also, there is a good spinner fall in the mornings, and then later in the evenings the fishing has been good with Caddis. A few golden stones are still around and can be used to catch fish out in the middle of the river behind rocks. If there seems to be no action on the surface, I would head to deep troughs and try your luck with nymphs.

Dry Flies: Rusty Biot Spinner size 16 & 18, Green Drake Wulff size 10, Improved-X Caddis Tan or Olive size 16, Super Chernobyl Golden Yellow size 10

Nymphs: Red Copper John size 16, Bennett’s Brown Rubber-leg size 8 & 10, Psycho Prince size 16, Pheasant Tail nymph size 16 & 18

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Henry’s Fork 06-06-2016

The fishing has been good on the Henry’s Fork. The Salmon flies are finished, but the Golden-stone fishing has been good from Stone Bridge down to Fun Farm bridge. Also in that section, I would start to look for Green Drake and Flavs from mid-day on. There has been a good pmd spinner fall in the morning and then with good Caddis fishing right before dark. Finally, if all else seems to fail for dry fly fishing, you could put on nymphs and fish the slots and rocks out in the middle of the river.

Flies that I would use on the those sections are:

Dry  Flies:

Super Chernobyl Golden Yellow size 8 & 10, Olive Hares Ear Parachute Adams size 12, D&D Cripple Green Drake size 10, Rusty Biot Spinner size 16 & 18, Improved X Caddis Tan & Olive size 14 &16


Pats Tan/Brown Rubber Leg size 8, Red Copper John size 16, Psycho Prince size 18, Crystal Golden Stone size 10

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Henry’s Fork 6-4-16

An important message came to us from the Henry’s Fork Foundation. Take a look at it below if you plan to fish the Box Canyon-Last Chance part of the river.

If you’re fishing the Henry’s Fork this weekend, please see the important message below regarding flows out of Island Park Dam and conditions in Box Canyon today [6/4/2016]:

Over the past 48 hours, turbines at Island Park Dam have been tripping off and the control system is not functioning properly. Fall River Rural Electric Cooperative has shut off the turbines and is working to set the west side gates at 650 cfs until full repairs are made. Flows will be stable through the remainder of the weekend, but conditions could be variable in Box Canyon today.

Any future updates to this report will be shared via email and posted on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HenrysFork/


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Henry’s Fork 5-31-16

Seems like trout response to the adults in  the giant stonefly hatch could be better up and down the river. Recent cool weather and changes in flow out of Island Park Dam can be reasons for action a bit slower than usual.  Let’s see if the predicted weather warm-up brings more action.

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Henry’s Fork 5-28-16

More than weather impacted fishing on the Henry’s Fork below Island Park Dam yesterday. Flow out of the dam was increased from about 450 cfs to about 650 cfs on May 25th.  Our fishing at Hatchery Ford resulted in only small fish responding to mayfly ( BWO, March brown) and caddisfly life cycle patterns. Conversations with other fly-fishers present indicated similar experiences. Stoneflies were out, but not many flying as clouds with rain & hail showers moved in and air temps dipped into the mid forties in deg. F. Look for better fishing later this weekend as fish adjust to the flow and predicted warmer weather moves in to make the big stoneflies more active. When you come across fish taking the big bugs, any big floating pattern of similar shape will do.

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Henry’s Fork 5-24-16

Cool weather has slowed the giant stonefly advance and activity on the upper river.  Many recent nights have seen below freezing air temperatures. Giant stoneflies are emerging now as far upstream as Riverside, but are needing warmer weather to become real active. Currently trout are taking caddis, BWOs, and march browns here and on the lower river where big stoneflies are more active. With warm weather and resulting active stonefly activity, look for trout to take interest on the upper river. Who knows if the big bugs will fly in Box Canyon by the upcoming weekend. All depends on the weather!

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Henry’s Fork 5-16-16

Now is the time for fishing big bugs on the Henry’s Fork! Fishing from Ashton dam down to the Chester backwaters has been the most productive with Salmonflies out in force. Warm River to Ashton has been producing as well. Look for the hatch to continue upriver through lower mesa in the coming days. Chubby Chernobyl’s in size 6, Dornan’s Water Walker in size 6 & 8, Rollin Stones in size 4, CFO Ant’s in size 6 have all been great flies. Consider adding a smaller rubberleg dropper (size 8 or 10) below your dry fly as well. Call us at the shop with any questions you have! Get out there, now is the time!

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Henry’s Fork 5-10-16

There are four USGS flow stations on the Henry’s Fork.  The gage at each one indicates lower than normal flow, most of which readings seem significant. Is this a reason for aquatic insect hatches to be inconsistent so far this season? Hmmmm.

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