Henry's Lake Fishing Reports

Henry’s Lake 11-2-19

It froze over early this year. Currently too much ice to troll or cast, but not thick enough yet for ice fishing.

Henry’s Lake 10-29-19

It’s a few weeks early, but Henry’s Lake iced up yesterday.  It’s unlikely to thaw considering the upcoming cold weather.

Henry’s Lake 10-15-19

Gwenna Hill Brookie Fly Flishing

Up to now fish being caught in the 14″ to 16″ seem to dominate with respect to size.  We have a few new reports having some news that larger fish are becoming more active around the lake.  Keep those leech patterns handy!

Henry’s Lake 10-8-19

It is a “trout are where you find them” situation, meaning somewhat spotty fishing success so far with small fish (14″-16″) making up most of those responding. Hopefully the upcoming wintry weather spell will make for more consistent success.

Henry’s Lake 10-1-19

Smaller trout seem to be responding very well to leech patterns just about everywhere on the lake.  With cooling weather larger trout should soon become more active.

Henry’s Lake 9-28-19

Action is picking up on the lake for those using leech patterns. Most of the action is from smaller fish,  but the current weather is just the ticket to get the big trout into action.

Henry’s Lake 9-24-19

Again, we do not have much information on the lake except that fishing is beginning to pick up at a few spots. Cooler weather will bring fish towards shallow water, but we need a good unsettled downturn or two to do so.

Henry’s Lake 9-21-19

We have not heard much about fishing here. But what we have heard indicates that fishing success seems fair at best.  Cooler weather with stormy periods should help.

Henry’s Lake 9-10-19

This cool weather has help action pick up all around the lake. Leech patterns seem most effective. Black or olive leech patterns are working. So are Halloweens and California leeches.  Present all these using intermediate lines.

Henry’s Lake 8-20-19

The east side creek mouths are producing brook trout. Try small olive or black leech patterns.  Get out in the lake and present these on an intermediate line back towards the confluence.


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