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Henry’s Lake 9-2-17

Two days ago we passedaround the south end of Henry’s Lake on our way to Red Rock Pass. The Cliffs, County Park, Hope and Duck Creeks and much of west shoreline were in view. Not a boat in sight!  Pretty much tells the tale of current fishing success on the lake.

Henry’s Lake 8-8-17

The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality has issued a blue-green algae warning for Henry’s Lake. Even boiling the water will not kill the toxins produced. So culinary use of any kind is out for now, and if you do keep any fish for the table you are taking a chance unless they are thoroughly cleaned and skinned beforehand. With respect to fishing, this bloom signals that fishing action is slow and makes for another reason to wait until autumn for action to improve and for safer water.

Henry’s Lake 7-28-17

Be at those creek mouths (Targhee, Howard, Duck, Hope) by the crack of dawn to present leech patterns and small fly rod jigs using intermediate lines. As the sun rises expect company. If you are having success, expect some crowding, so be patient and understand that these places provide some of the best and most easily approached fishing on the lake during summer.

Henry’s Lake 7-15-17

Action is slowing down somewhat. Best strategy will be to head for creek mouths. All  creeks coming into the lake have good water levels this season. Cooler water coming from them attracts fish because of higher dissolved oxygen concentrations. The same applies to spring holes.  Get to these locations early in the day to present your favorite leech and damselfly nymph patterns, but expect company from “anglers in the know” as the day advances.  Want to experience even better still water fishing than Henry’s Lake currently offers? It’s not far from Henry’s Lake and can be found during the Madison Arm gulper activity on Hebgen Lake.

Henry’s Lake 6-17-17

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We hear big fish stories coming from the lake and have seen pictures of such.  But we also hear that fishing on the lake has slowed down somewhat.

Henry’s Lake 6-3-17

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During the recent holiday weekend Henry’s Lake did not give up a lot of fish, but of those caught many were large. Leech patterns were among the productive offerings.

Henry’s Lake 10-29-16

Just like the old expression “gold is where you find it”, you can find Henry’s Lake trout in shallow waters anywhere around the lake.  Some locations like the State and County parks will be more crowded than others, but everyone seems to be catching fish. Large woolly bugger flies presented on intermediate lines seem particularly effective.

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Henry’s Lake 10-13-16

Henry’s has not been its usual fall self lately. We have had storm fronts roll in every couple of days along with high winds that have kept the lake off color and the fish tight lipped. If the weather is consistent the fishing has been better. The surface temps on the lake yesterday were in the low to mid forties, so the temperature is certainly right for better fishing.

The shallows around the northwest corner and the State Park have been best. If the water is off color, use a larger darker leech pattern and cover as much water as possible. If your fishing the State Park specifically, guys have been having success with larger chironomid pupa under indicators.

Hopefully the weather will allow us some of the great fall fishing were all used to!

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Henry’s Lake 10-8-16

There are no “where are the fish?” questions going around now about Henry’s Lake! Fishing has really picked up, and with cooling weather can get better.Typical good areas to fish include the west side, creek mouths, and around the State Park. Expect crowding in many locations, and you will have company when you get into fish. As we mentioned in our October 1st report, big flies flies  (various leech and streamer patterns) presented in shallow water (less than 10 feet) seem to work as well as anything.

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Henry’s Lake 10-1-16

The event that so many folks have been wanting is beginning. Fishing is picking up on the lake and should improve as we move through October.  Big flies presented in relatively shallow water seems to be working now. Some folks tout big streamers, some folks tout big leech patterns, some folks tout big soft hackled patterns, and some folks tout fly rod jigs.  Take your pick!

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