HFF and Idaho Master Naturalist Remove Fencing

Each summer the Henry's Fork Foundation puts up 3 miles of fencing, 1.5 miles of fence across from Pinehaven at Wood Road 16 and 1.5 miles of fence at Last Chance, to protect the banks of the Henry's Fork from potential degradation and erosion by cattle.  Then, once the cattle are moved out of those sections for the season in late fall, we take the fencing back down in preparation for winter.  This has been a part of the Henry's Fork Foundation's history since our start in 1984.


This Monday, two HFF employees and an Idaho Master Naturalist volunteer set out to take down fencing in a race to beat the coming winter weather.  We learned Monday morning that Island Park could receive as much as 10 inches of snow by Tuesday afternoon.  It was a gray, rainy day, but we were able to take down all 3 miles of fencing in about 5 hours.  Thankfully, we finished taking down the last section of fencing just as snow began to fall.  


Many thanks to the Idaho Master Naturalists for their continued support of HFF conservation projects through volunteer work.