HFF members travel the world to learn more about HFF and the Henry's Fork

Bill H. Jack
Gary G. Snook
Lee K. Bonefish
Tom D. Baracuda
Mike L. Bonefish
Relaxing at Pesca Maya
Dave L. with Brown at Lago Fonck
J.P. H. Rainbow
HFF group at Rio Manso

December 2014 and January 2015 found HFF Board Members, staff, and members traveling to Mexico and Argentina to make Henry’s Fork connections! These HFF hosted trips were months to years in the making and are the result of symbiotic relationships that HFF has developed with partners across the globe.

The first trip in December 2014 was to Ascension Bay and Pesca Maya Lodge. The trip was hosted by both HFF and Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures, with Yellow Dog and Pesca Maya Lodge doing the heavy lifting to make the trip possible. Nineteen total HFF members, Board Members, and Yellow Dog/HFF staff attended. Ascension Bay, in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere, offers world-class saltwater fly fishing. It features miles of easy-to-wade flats, most with hard-packed white sand and others covered with turtle grass. Ascension Bay welcomes beginner anglers and seasoned veterans alike. Folks can fish for bonefish, permit, tarpon, jacks, snook, barracuda and other exciting species.  A trip follow-up email from Mike Lawson contained this excerpt “I’ve hosted many trips over the years and I honestly believe this was the best group I’ve ever been a part of. It could be because we all had a common focus, (HFF) but I felt it was more than that. What a wonderful group of people to be a part of. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to share with each of you.”

This positive vibe continued in January 2015 as another set of HFF members converged on Rio Manso Lodge in Argentina. HFF has had a great partnership with Orvis endorsed Rio Manso Lodge as owner Roberto Pandolfi has hosted HFF various HFF Board Members for 10+ years and has made trip package donations for HFF auctions. The natural next step was to take a group of HFF members to the Lodge to enjoy great fishing for rainbows, brookies, and large browns.  Any given day could find Lodge guests fishing the Rio Manso or area Lakes such as Lago Fonck.

Why is HFF engaging in this type of activity? Our mission is to conserve the resources of the Henry’s Fork and ensure that its wild trout are a healthy, permanent fixture in the ecosystem. The work of HFF is only made possible through the charitable giving of our members. We need to get to know our members so that they feel comfortable investing in the vision the HFF Board of Directors and staff have created for the Henry’s Fork Foundation and hosted trips are one method to make ourselves available. These trips started out as individuals and couples arriving at a designated geographic location and ended with a group of friends departing with intimate knowledge of how HFF works to conserve one of their most treasured destinations, the Henry’s Fork. Due to the generosity of the lodges involved in these trips, the trips also functioned as fundraisers for HFF.

Both trips also ended with participants asking when the next HFF trips were scheduled. All I can say for now is that we are working with our valued partners from the Henry’s Fork to Argentina to come up with the next slate of HFF hosted trips. Look for it soon.

Once again thanks to all of those who attended the HFF hosted trips and those who made it possible!