History and Legends

A Watershed and Its People

History & Legends

Legends of the Henry's Fork

Some of the greatest fly fisherman to ever apply their craft have looked to the Henry’s Fork waters to test their skills. What has set a few apart is their ability to kindle the imagination of fishermen everywhere. Through their literature, storytelling and in all cases their whole-hearted meld with the beauty and fascination of the place we call the Henry’s Fork they have contributed to its preservation and legend.

Bing Lempke (1917-1991)
Ernest Schwiebert (1930-2005)
Charles Brooks (1921-1986)
Andre Puyans (1935-2005)
Gary LaFontaine (1946-2002)

History of the Henry's Fork Watershed - North Fork

While famous for its legendary trout, the Henry’s Fork has a rich history that flows much wider and deeper than its river. The North Fork (aka Henry’s Fork) is steeped in a western history. That history includes events as diverse as battles between US government troops and Chief Joseph's Nez Perce tribe to early 20th century cattle ranching by wealthy railroad barons and industrialist like Guggenheim and Harriman.

Some of the most enduring history, however, is of the people that have called the Henry’s Fork watershed home. This includes the Shoshone tribes who hunted, fished and traveled this area to early Mormon pioneers who carved out a living from the soil by building the expansive irrigation systems still in use today. Understanding this history creates a greater appreciation and commitment to preserve the river and its environment for the fish, wildlife, plants, and people that for generations yet to come will have the privilege of calling the North Fork home.

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