Intern Summer Seminar Series

Beginning in 2018, the Henry’s Fork Foundation began a Summer Seminar Series where weekly presentations showcase the latest scientific, technological, and socioeconomic work being done by guest speakers from across the country as well as HFF interns and collaborators. This 9 week-long series enhances intern, community and HFF members experience, engagement, and understanding of various scientific topics. The final two weeks of the seminar series are reserved for intern presentations on the independent projects they complete throughout their time spent working for HFF. 


Below are links to several of 2020’s presentations given by guest speakers and interns.


Fisheries Management in the Upper Snake Region: How we got here and where are we going?
Brett High, Regional Fisheries Biologist

Natal and Intergenerational Dispersal in Smallmouth Bass
Robert Humston, Washington and Lee University, Director for Environmental Studies and Professor of Biology

Climate Change in the West
Dr. Jen Pierce, Boise State University, Department of Geosciences

Exploring the Social Ecology of Rivers
Courtney Flint, Utah State University, Professor of Natural Resource Sociology

The Upper Henry’s Fork Snorkeling Project
Margaret Ruebush, BYU-Idaho, HFF’s Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Intern

A Review of Henry’s Fork Foundation’s Past Projects
Zack Boyd, Stanford University, HFF’s Conservation and Communications Intern

South Fork Snake River Angler Survey
Olivia Krogermeier, Colgate University, HFF’s South Fork Social Science Intern

Time Series Analysis of Reach Gains in the Henry’s Fork
London Bernier, St. Lawrence University, HFF’s Stream Channel Habitat and Hydrology Intern

Using Bioenergetic Modeling to Predict Fish Habitat Suitability
AJ Mabaka, Washington and Lee University, Upper Henry’s Fork Fisheries Intern