It's a Family Thing!

Tuesday, June 30, 2020 - 5:30pm


Margaret Ruebush

My name is Margaret Ruebush, though, most people call me Meg. I’ve just finished high school and recently got excepted to BYU-Idaho. I’m planning on studying Environmental Biology and hope to start this winter. I grew up here in the Henry’s Fork watershed just south of Rexburg, about five minutes away from the South Fork of the Snake River. I have a large family and love spending time with them. My dad is a Chemistry professor at BYU-I and someday I hope to be able to understand him when he starts talking about work! My mom decided to stay home and homeschooled all of my siblings and I. I will always be grateful for her example of hard work. My entire family loves to be outside. We are known in our neighborhood for taking family walks in the evenings, and on weekends we love to hike, backpack, camp, and in the winter cross country ski and snowshoe.  

During high school I had the opportunity to take classes at Madison High School. At the start of my sophomore year I joined FFA and started competing on the Environmental and Natural Resource team. I learned to evaluate soil quality, sample water, conduct a site analysis and identify native animal species. I loved this event and I decided that I wanted to continue studying the environment after high school as well. I’m excited to be expanding my understanding of the environment and my local water-shed with the Henry’s Fork Foundation this summer!

These first few weeks of my internship have been very different than I expected. Work started with Hydrology and Data Analysis classes over Zoom. Both were really interesting and I enjoyed learning about each of the other intern’s home watersheds throughout the Hydrology course. Because the staff and I have been following some extra safety precautions I have been able to participate in field work. Since the first two weeks I’ve had the opportunity to help out on the lower river, put up fence, and soon I’ll be working on the upper river as well.  


My Family and I visited Mesa Falls a few years ago during Thanksgiving break.

Looking out towards the South Fork of the Snake River.