Jeff Clemente (SLU) - The West

Wednesday, August 6, 2014 - 10:36am


I'd say the best part of the work days of my HFF internship is the habitat study with Zach. I am a Conservation Biology major at St. Lawrence and I have learned so much through assisting Zach with his trout research. The best week working at HFF was the trout tagging in the beginning of the summer. My only main job for that entire week was to catch fish; no complaints there.

Nothing better than trout out of the avenue of the GIANTS
My favorite day off is a tie between the Table Rock hike in the Tetons and the Slough Creek fishing trip. In early June, Taylor and I decided to do a long hike in the Tetons, and Table Rock did not disappoint. About half way up the mountain, the beautiful summer surroundings quickly turned into a winter wonderland. We plunged further into the hike, walking through four feet of snow all the way to this view from the top. 
Grand Teton
Fishing in Yellowstone National Park at Slough Creek was nothing short of perfect. If the HFF were giving the survey at the Slough Creek trail head, I would give 10's to everything. The scenery was amazing, the creek was full of cutthroat, and the bears were there too (read Blair's blog post for bear encounter details). Cutthroat are my favorite trout because they are the native fish of the Snake River water shed and I am lucky to be able to catch these endangered, beautiful fish! Only one word could the describe the trip: the west. 
Yellowstone Cutthroat. King of Trout.