Just Getting Started

Tuesday, July 23, 2019 - 9:28am


Ashly Loibman

My name is Ashly Loibman and I’m from The Bahamas. I’m a rising senior with a double major in environmental studies and religion at Colgate University. I think that growing up surrounded by water made me to cognizant of water management and water conservation issues. This aspect of my life contributed to my interest in the Henry’s Fork Foundation and the way in which a nonprofit can engage in stakeholder relationships and keep conservation at the forefront of the conversation. 

This summer I will be working on the Lower Henry’s Fork with Christina Morrisett. We will be using an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) to gather data at certain sections of the river that as a whole are representative of this reach. This data will help us identify habitat changes as the flow drops below 1000 cfs. This will then assist in managing the minimum streamflow that this reach receives in order to be most advantageous for meeting trout habitat and irrigation needs.My personal project within this is to document the groundwater return flows and associated habitat at these return points. 

Sitting on the bank of the river dealing with the computer.

(Me setting up the computer for data collection)

We’ve already begun to choose sampling sites and conduct transects and these last few weeks have taught me that research science is filled with uncertainty when it comes to collecting data.  There’s trial and error involved and sometimes the technology doesn’t work when you need it to. However, we were able to overcome these issues and begin to collect the necessary data. There were overwhelming emotions of elation and triumph on float days when we were able to successfully get the ADCP across the river and collect data. It made me realize how great it feels when you’re able to overcome obstacles and get the results you need. I look forward to continuing to learn more about the hydrology of the area and about our reach in particular. 

(Christina and I setting up the ADCP at Trestle)