Starting Out

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 - 3:13pm


Zack Boyd

My name is Zack Boyd, and I am a rising senior in the Earth Systems program at Stanford University. I was born and raised in rural Kintnersville, Pennsylvania, which gave me plenty of opportunities to walk in the woods, camp, and especially to appreciate the incredible Delaware River. Throughout high school, I worked as a farmhand on a cattle farm near my house, which gave me a deep appreciation of agriculture and resource use. While I originally intended to become a researcher when I arrived at college, I’ve found that communicating science between academic circles and agricultural areas like my hometown to be extremely rewarding. This prompted my decision to enroll simultaneously in an Environmental Communication Master’s program this fall as I finish my undergraduate degree.

As Liv and London have mentioned, the first two weeks this summer have been dominated by the Hydrology and Statistics Courses taught by Rob Van Kirk. At this point, everything still feels new and unfamiliar, but I can feel myself settling into a rhythm, and Rob’s courses have been invaluable in orienting me to HFF’s work. Even though it will be a slight challenge to be so far away from Henry's Fork this summer, I am more than excited to be working with such an incredible group of people who care so plainly and deeply about what they do.

My supervisor, Jamie, and I have been planning out the next few weeks. For now, I will start to go through HFF’s archived publications to document the Foundation’s previous projects, ultimately creating a report that will help inform its future directions. At the same time, I’ll be helping to run the upcoming photo contest and publishing articles in the e-newsletter. On a personal note, I will be moving from my home in Pennsylvania to the San Francisco Bay at the end of the week, and am looking forward to the change in weather (too humid on the East Coast right now!). I can’t wait to find out what this summer with HFF has in store for me!


Lake Nockamixon, PA
First Day of Summer, 2019 in the Snow Mountains, WY (as close as I've been to Ashton in the last year)
Oakland, CA
I didn't realize how cold it could get in Tucson