Summer Reflections

As the summer transitions into fall and I transition titles within the Foundation, I would like to share some of my summer highlights. My internship with the Henry’s Fork Foundation is one of my proudest achievements – not only because of the work I have contributed to, but also for the amazing opportunities I have had to explore the local landscape and engage with the local culture. Here is a glimpse into the fun the intern crew had outside of work this summer:


Top of the World Waffles – June 27, 2015

One of my first hikes of the summer - complete with great views, wildlife, and a few wrong turns.


A Day with Marc Crapo – July 3, 2015

A guided fly fishing trip won by the intern crew thanks to a generous donation.


My First Quinceañera – July 20, 2015

A trip to Victor where we learned some new dance moves.


Taste of Idaho – August 8, 2015

Trying our hand at berry picking and mushroom hunting.