Where Did The Summer Go?

Thursday, October 17, 2019 - 3:42pm


Amber Roseberry

As our summer came to an end the other interns and PhD students had to leave. They were so much fun and I didn’t realize how much work they were doing until they were gone. When they left I have had the opportunity to learn about and help with some of the projects they were working on. 


With everyone leaving we started to take on more responsibilities. We helped with the project Jack and Bella were working on. Jack was one of the PhD students that had to head back to school and Bella was an intern. They were looking at the coverage of macrophytes in the upper river. Kate has taken over most of the project and I usually help every other week. We follow a GPS to points and look at the amount of aquatic plants that are there. We also measure how tall they stand in the water. We test at Big Springs, North Fork Club, Buffalo, Last Chance and Flat Rock. At this point we have had a bit of snow twice. It was just a little but still cold enough to snow. We also saw a good sized bull moose cross the river. Sadly I didn’t have my phone on me but it was still worth the experience. Kate and I were also able to see kokanee salmon swimming upstream. I have never seen them before. They were a very bright red and fairly easy to spot. The fish and moose up there always make the work more entertaining.


I have also helped look at the amount of water being discharged from the Island Park Reservoir. We use a machine that Fremont-Madison Irrigation owns. It is called the ADCP or the Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler. It is able to look at the streamflow. I helped guide it across the river as Matt paddled our boat and Kate had the computer that was collecting the data. I have only helped with this once so far but I will be going out again soon. It was also great to go because we saw a fox, a moose, and her calf.  I enjoyed helping with this and I now can understand part of what Christina and Ashly were doing all summer.


I still also fix fence to keep cattle out of the river. I have had to chase some back to the other side of the fence when they get to the river. It's pretty easy and I am also able to see wildlife. I have seen a fox, a big bull moose, and we can’t forget the cows. I was able to catch all of them in pictures. 


The final project is the Sonde Automation Project that I have been working on all summer. I talked about it in my previous blog ‘Building Boxes and Friendships’. We have sondes in the water at different points. They collect data on conductivity, turbidity, chlorophyll, temperature, and dissolved oxygen. Normally we would go collect the data every two weeks. I am able to program and wire a data logger and hook it up to the sonde so it sends the data every two hours to our office. From there it can go to our live website. You can access it on the homepage of the Henry’s Fork Foundation website. So far we have installed three out of the six we need to do. They should all be up and running by the end of october. Matt and Kate have helped me out a lot. Without them it would be impossible to install all of these before we get snow. I am excited to get these done. We will also experiment with a solar panel after all data loggers have been installed.
(These boxes are used to protect the data logger     (Programming a data logger. The battery
 from the weather.)                                                      powers it and the computer is checking
                                                                                              the signal.)
Although we have been pretty busy these last few months, it has been a great experience. I have been able to do all these different projects. It’s nice to have a change instead of doing the same work every day. I am excited to finish the sonde automation and see more wildlife as I continue to work.